The Clinics

Who of us does not  appreciate professionalism? Who does not  expect safety and trustworthiness entrusting his TV, fridge or washing machine for repair? All the more we do not accept omnipresent slapdash in medical services. Here the stake is our health, along with physical comfort, acceptance of environment, attractiveness… for which a healthy smile is always important and necessary. Moreover, we expect assurance that we are in good hands, that we are taken care by not only professionals, but also people, for whom our smile is the most important and for whom dentistry is a passion.

To meet those needs, and for our own satisfaction, we create specialist dental clinics called Centrum Uśmiechu, which provide a truly full access to modern dentistry for residents of Mazovia, and since 2011 also of Warmia and  Mazuria. 

By combining the skills of our staff and modern, often innovative treatments, we give our patients access to the treatment on the highest level. We offer specialist dental services of broad variety:

  • Endodontics - root canal treatment with the utilization of digital microscope,
  • Periodontics – treatment of mucosal disease in oral cavity,
  • Implantology and dental surgery
  • Modern technology of prevention and cosmetic dentistry (whitening, complementing teeth without the need to grind the adjacent teeth),
  • Digital radiology in the full range:
    • pantomographic photo,,
    • computer assisted tomography of the jaws,
    • cephalometric imaging (tele rtg),
    • pictures of the sinuses and the temporomandibular joints.,,
    • radiovisiography (digital dental photos),
  • Orthodontics,
  • Prosthodontics.

The founder of the clinic is the dentist Anna Goszczycka, orthodontist specialist.
The company operates from 25 November 1998, and from 24 November 2007 provides a full range of specialist dental services.


Area For Small Patients